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While it's essential that your business has a website, it's just as important that it is fast and functional. Just because you can get someone to arrive at your site doesn't mean it's helping your business. This is especially true if your website is making people leave within moments of arriving. Also, these days consumers judge a business by its website and gets an initial first impression, either positive or negative.

Below is a list of common reasons why your website could be driving your visitors away.

Your Site Loads Slowly
One increasing issue for many sites is the problem of long load times. There are a number of reasons why your site could be loading slowly: large media files, a slow server and/or scripts that take too long to load. However, visitors don't care why your site is taking forever to load; they just want it to show up on their screen nearly instantly.

Research from Soasta Inc., a software testing company, found that about a third of online shoppers will leave a website in 4-5 seconds if the page doesn't load. Google found similar results when studying people's behaviors on mobile devices; 40 percent of users leave a mobile site that takes more than three seconds to load.

When people have the ability to go to another site in a matter of seconds if yours isn't loading, they will do so. No matter how great your service or product, it won't matter if no one sticks around to find this out.

Shared hosting is when your website is hosted on the same server with other websites. While this is cost effective for the consumer, the pitfalls occur when a server is oversold, meaning a hosting provider puts too many websites on a single server and/or there are a few bad “neighbors” taking up memory/CPU resources. When other websites are taking up server resources or simply overcrowded, this causes your website to perform slow. At Web Host Agents, our shared hosting plan is never oversold and we have an approval process for all websites to be legitimate businesses like yours and prevent potential bad “neighbors”. Our servers are also enterprise-grade, similar to what medium and large companies use. View our shared hosting plan here.

Your Website Is Difficult To Use
Another major issue that contributes to high bounce rates, which is when people leave a site without going to another page on the site, is when a website is hard to use. Bad design, a confusing layout or forms and scripts that don't work can all contribute to people quickly feeling frustrated and leaving a site.

Moreover, when people encounter scripting errors or forms that won't work, it makes your site, and potentially your organization, look unprofessional. The last impression that you want to leave with a potential customer or client is that you don't produce quality products or services.

It's important to note that even a well-designed website can become difficult for someone to use if the site isn't made to adapt to a user's screen. In 2016, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users, and 60-70 percent of Internet traffic is from mobile devices. Therefore, it's essential that your site work for computers and mobile devices. Making issues complicated is that devices, even from the same manufacturer, may have a number of different screen sizes. This means that your website needs to be responsive, where it will adapt to the device automatically, or you may be driving away the majority of your visitors.

Of course as a business owner, the last thing you probably want to learn is website design and performance metrics, after all you have a business to run. At Web Host Agents, our Professional and SEO packages develop and manage your website for you. We have many years of website design experience specifically for businesses like yours. Our main philosophies are simplicity and ease of use, where your visitors can instantly see your service or product and then quickly navigate to find your location or contact you. We want to turn your web visitors to customers! View our Professional package and SEO package here.

For a website to be an asset to your business, it needs to load quickly, work on a variety of devices, and give the visitor the information they are looking for. A responsive website with a focus on speed, relevant content, and easy navigation can help you turn visitors into customers.

Please contact us for any additional questions: sales@webhostagents.com

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